The Financial Infrastructure for Australian Clean Energy

Built for and trusted by Australian developers

Perl Street is the financial operations platform for developers building renewable energy projects.


Designed for the high level of solar generation in Australia with increasing uptake of battery capacity, and ready for the growth in distributed energy resources (e.g. electric mobility) that will be connected to solar generation.


Whether you use PPAs for C&I or STCs for smaller scale assets, we connect operational data to the financial metrics to give asset investors a better picture of performance, ensuring financial & other risks are being well managed.

Rapid Setup

Quickly consolidate the management of your assets, using a combination of Excel, accounting systems, ERP, CRM, and in-house developed tools. Set up in under two weeks, and without replacing any existing systems.

Why Perl Street?

Our software automates data consolidation, reporting, and analysis, while enabling finance teams to continue using their own models and spreadsheets. By providing the environment for scale, we increase usability, robustness, and transparency, while reducing complexity, errors, and manual labor.

Key Features

The Perl Street Platform accelerates execution and reduces risk of errors.
Check out some customer favourite features!

BoM Data

Integrate cost-efficient, high-resolution time series weather data to your complex finance structures with proper units and automatic updates. Validate your P50/P90 models, and align with Watt Watchers data

Seamless Excel workflow coexistence

Don't replace your embedded and flexible Excel workflows, empower them. Perl Street purposefully tuns on top of your existing Excel models rather than replacing them.

Lightning-fast metrics

Eliminate your metrics maintenance with live IRR recalculations, covenant limit alerts, payment schedule monitoring, and much more.

Impressive investor reporting

Implement simplified sharing and transparency, all while reducing the need to curate documentation packages, with automatic investor report generation.

The renewable energy industry is accelerating.

Perl Street's digital infrastructure will empower you to grow with it.

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